M 03 Alpine "Glorious Seven"

The M 03 Alpine "Glorious Seven" takes you to the rugged peaks and high valleys of the European Alps. Master engraver Roland Schmidt captured the preferred prey of mountain hunters in finest engravings on the action parts. The magazine base is adorned with detailed portrays of ibex, red stag and chamois. The pistol grip cap is decorated with wood grouse and black grouse. Roe buck and marmot can be found on the front part of the square bridge. All animal motifs are bordered by the Alpine setting as well as by edelweiss and other mountain flowers. They also appear with floral Arabesque ornaments on the Double Square Mount and as finely cut gunstock carving. A fluted barrel and the precious, sleek grade 7 Alpine stock make this rifle an easy-to-carry companion for the mountains.


  • Magazine base with portrays of ibex, red stag and chamois, very accurate in detail
  • Wood grouse and black grouse on pistol grip cap
  • Roe buck and marmot on the front part of the square bridge
  • Artistic interpretation of the Alpine setting featuring edelweiss and other mountain flowers combined with arabesques
  • Grade 7 rootwood

Every single Meisterklasse rifle comes with a certificate of origin bearing testimony of its high value and exclusivity.

Making Dreams Come True

Every single rifle is designed and crafted by the masters hand according to the purchasers demands. Only the best engravers are selected to bring the rifle's steel to life. Their skill and artistic touch enhances the unique radiance of the precious walnut stock.

This high-class rifle could be delivered in a noble leather case which is ornamented with fine gold embossing.