M 03 Options

The M 03 line offers numerous options for customization and enhancement.

  • Adjustable Comb
    Adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction. Available for all wooden and synthetic stocks. (Displayed stock is walnut grade 9.)

  • Stock Lengths
    370 mm (14½") for wooden stock, 365 mm (14⅜") for synthetic stock. Custom Stock lengths as well as rubber pads are available for wooden and synthetic stocks.

  • Bolt + Trigger Black
    Impressive consistency: the complete action including chamber, trigger and bolt handle are colored in black.

  • Fluted Barrel
    It is lighter than the regular barrel and enhances heat diversion.

  • Short Barrels
    Possible lengths: 56, 54, 52, 50 and 47 cm (22", 21", 20", 19", 18") for Standard calibers as well as 60 cm (23") and 56 cm (PH, 22") for Magnum calibers.

  • Africa Sling Swivel
    When the going gets tough. The sling swivel is mounted on the barrel using a stable ring.

  • M 03 3-Dot Sight
    Outstanding contrast thanks to orange points for quick, intuitive target acquisition even in adverse lighting conditions.

  • Without Open Sights
    The M 03 comes with vertically and laterally adjustable open sights but is also available without sights.

  • Kickstop
    The stainless steel cylinder filled with tungsten beads is inserted into the stock and reduces recoil by about 20%.

  • Synthetic Stock
    Signal colored elastomer inlays, available for all synthetic stocks. They enhance safety especially on driven hunts.

  • Combi Trigger
    With adjustable set trigger, approx. 1,000 g  (2⅛ lbs) direct; set trigger pull weight approx. 100-300 g (3½-10½ ozs).
    Not available in the US!
    Titanium nitrided trigger also available.

  • Magazine Lock "Mag-Safe"
    By twisting the Mag-Safe, the magazine is secured against loss. Retrofitting possible.

  • Adapter for Bi-Pod
    To be attached at the fore-end. Available for wooden and syn­thetic stocks.

  • Rotating Sling Swivel (360°)
    At the barrel end. Incl. detachable sling swivel. For maximum ease of movement when tracking.

  • Muzzle-Safe
    Special muzzle protector with signal colored patches protecting the barrel against dirt. The patches can easily be shot away.

  • Thread for Muzzle Brake
    Base for Mauser Dual Brake for up to 40% recoil reduc­tion. Including cover. Muzzle Safe as an option.

  • Magnaport
    Four "ports" or slots close to the barrel muzzle reduce the recoil by approximately 20%.