M 03 System

The M 03's safety and reliability as well as its versatility are achieved by a clever pairing of modern materials and technical design. The alliance of various factors such as the solid steel action and high quality-trigger in combination with the straight stock and cold hammer forged barrel result in the M 03's exceptional precision and performance.

Manual Cocking Safety System and Magazine


Mauser Manual Cocking Safety System

The M 03 is cocked manually just prior to shooting.

  • Cocking: Move the cocking lever to the right into the "Fire" position  
  • De-cocking: Press the de-cocking button; cocking lever slides back to the "Safe" position

Bolt Lock

In the un-cocked status the bolt is locked to prevent unintentional opening. It can be opened by pushing the cocking lever beyond the "S" position without cocking the rifle.

Advanced Magazine Construction

  • Detachable magazine. Open Receiver enables rapid, easy loading from above even with inserted magazine.
  • High magazine capacity
  • Lockable magazine release button – for tough hunting conditions the magazine can be reliably secured against loss.

Action and Locking

  • The action is locked via 6 large locking lugs directly into the barrel. 
  • Small Bolt Lift: 60°

Mauser Trigger System

  • Crisp single stage trigger as standard (approx. 1,500 g / 3¼ lbs).
  • Combi trigger on request (Not available in the US. Fig. 6) with adjustable set trigger
    (approx. 1,000 g / 2⅛  lbs direct; set trigger pull weight approx. 100 – 300 g / 3½ – 10½ ozs). 
  • The set trigger automatically unsets when the rifle is de-cocked or the bolt opened – a major safety advantage.

M 03 Rifle Scope Mount

This straightforward, easy to handle scope mount makes the Mauser M 03 line complete. It stands for utmost repeatable accuracy and easy rifle scope change.


Mauser Double Square Mount

  • Every M 03 action comes prepared for the Original Mauser Double Square Mount (DSM) as standard 
  • The DSM allows for very low scope mounting with optimum return-to-zero accuracy for all standard scopes and red dot sights.
  • The scope is easily mounted and locked.