The new Mauser M 12 Trail

The new Mauser M 12 Trail was specifically developed for the demanding requirements of game trackers and hunters on the move. The heart is made up of the M 12 steel action with a short 47cm (18 ½”), barrel. The blaze-orange camo stock with excellent grip has a strong signalling effect and communicates this rifle’s professional standards at first glance. But the new rifle’s most impressive feature is its great pointability, without forsaking any of the classic Mauser values of reliability, safety and accuracy.


  • Barrel length 47cm (18 1/2”), normal conture
  • 3-Dot drive hunt sights
  • Muzzle: Muzzle-Safe
  • Removable sling swivel at muzzle
      • Moveable snap-ball sling loop on hear stock
      • Barrel & action surfaces are fi nished in matte black Ilafl on = corrosion protection
      • Signal orange-grey synthetic camo stock

      "On driven hunts or when tracking you and your dog have to be a strong team. The M 03 Trail becomes a part of it."

      Calibers / Technical Data

      Barrel length 47 cm (18½"):

      • .308 Win.
      • 8 x 57 IS
      • 9.3 x 62

      For Standard:

      • Magazine capacity: 5+1
      • Overall length: 97.5 cm (38 2/5")
      • Weight: approx. 3.1 kg (6¾ lbs)

      Displayed model includes optional extras.
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