M 98 Options

The M 98 remains a landmark of original rifle technology to this day, especially when it is enhanced with some classic details and proven components. Like the M 98 itself, the options shown here are manufactured true to original designs with the utmost care and precision. Every component makes for better practical suitability and raises the value of the rifle. 

  • Rigby-Style Diopter Sight
    The classic aid to acquire targets over long distances.

  • Mauser Horizontal
    3-Position Safety

    With locking lever, also available with S and F on safety catch inlaid in gold.

  • Preparation for Swing-off Scope Mounts
    Bases in square bridge or complete mounts for rifle scopes with or without rail.

  • Express Sight
    With two folding leaves zeroed for 50, 100 and 150 m. Also available with gold inlaid lettering and center line.

  • Safari Folding Sight
    With white enamel inlay for rapid target acquisition or adverse lighting conditions.

  • Rigby-Style Cheekpiece
    Elegantly shaped and underlining the sleek stock.

  • Sling Swivel Inlaid in Buttstock
    With subtle engraving upon request.

  • Custom Engravings
    Available upon request, e.g. the portrait of a cape buffalo. Discover unlimited possibilities on our Meisterklasse pages.

    Further Options and selected stock woods from grade 6 to 11 are available upon request.