M 03 "Africa Tembo"

The Mauser M 03 "Africa Tembo" takes you into the vast and wild terrain of the black continent. "Tembo" is the Swahili word for elephant, the largest of the Big Five. The majestic animal and its surroundings are eternalized on the M 03 Africa Tembo. Footprints of the bull elephant – bordered by Camelthorn and gold thread – are displayed on the steel trigger guard. They lead to the "Tembo" which sculpturally stands apart from the magazine base. Finest arabesques and gold inlays adorn all parts of the action as well as the barrel base and sights. The exquisite grade 9 rootwood is finished by an ebony tip on the fore-end giving this extraordinary big game rifle in caliber .416 Rem. Mag. a dignified home.


  • Elephant footprints on trigger guard
  • Impressive 3-dimensional elephant on magazine floor plate 
  • Fine arabesques and gold inlays
  • Outline of the African continent on pistol grip cap
  • selected grade 9 rootwood
  • Ebony tip on fore end 
  • Red recoil pad on butt stock

Every single Meisterklasse rifle comes with a certificate of origin bearing testimony of its high value and exclusivity.

Making Dreams Come True

Every single rifle is designed and crafted by the masters hand according to the purchasers demands. Only the best engravers are selected to bring the rifle's steel to life. Their skill and artistic touch enhances the unique radiance of the precious walnut stock.

This high-class rifle could be delivered in a noble leather case which is ornamented with fine gold embossing.