M 03 "Black Widow"

Inspired by the dangerous yet mysterious beauty of the Black Widow spider, which is symbolized by a deep black action and shining gold inlays, resembling the yellowish marks of the name giver. The overall metal construction is kept completely black with very subtle gold inlays placed by our master engravers for maximum effect. But the center of attention is the magazine base plate where our craftsmen engraved the golden Mauser coat of arms in finest detail. Fine engraving on the base of the barrel and sight bases as well as the gold colored de-cocker are additional attractions. The "Black Widow" rests in an exquisite grade 7 rootwood stock.





  • Subtle yet high-contrast gold inlays on deep black finish
  • Fine gold lines on the entire action
  • Mauser coat of arms engraved in gold on the magazine base plate
  • Elaborate engraving on the barrel base
  • Gold colored trigger and de-cocker
  • High-quality grade 7 rootwood

Every single Meisterklasse rifle comes with a certificate of origin bearing testimony of its high value and exclusivity.

Making Dreams Come True

Every single rifle is designed and crafted by the masters hand according to the purchasers demands. Only the best engravers are selected to bring the rifle's steel to life. Their skill and artistic touch enhances the unique radiance of the precious walnut stock.

This high-class rifle could be delivered in a noble leather case which is ornamented with fine gold embossing.