M 03 "Buffalo"

Cape buffaloes are among the most valiant of African wildlife, and are some of the most desired prey for hunters all over the world. The head of an old bull with widespread horns crowns the magazine. It seems as if the buffalo was peering out of the thorny thicket observing the hunter. The trigger guard is adorned with engravings of thorns and fine scroll ornaments. Overall, this M 03 is a true feast for the eyes. Its beauty lies in the contrast between light and dark sections: the system, the barrel-mounted sling swivel, the front and rear sight bases are brightly nitrided and also feature thorn patterns of fine gold inlays. The barrel is dark and engraved with gold inlays. The rear sight leaf and fine-grained grade 10 rootwood with the upper end in the form of Africa's classic red rubber cap round off the overall exclusive appearance of the M 03 "Buffalo".


  • Magazine with unique buffalo engraving and thorny thicket
  • Trigger guard with engravings of thorns and fine scroll designs
  • Contrast between light and dark elements
  • Fine gold inlays 
  • fine-grained class 10 rootwood, with upper end in the form of Africa's classic red rubber cap

Every single Meisterklasse rifle comes with a certificate of origin bearing testimony of its high value and exclusivity.

Making Dreams Come True

Every single rifle is designed and crafted by the masters hand according to the purchasers demands. Only the best engravers are selected to bring the rifle's steel to life. Their skill and artistic touch enhances the unique radiance of the precious walnut stock.

This high-class rifle could be delivered in a noble leather case which is ornamented with fine gold embossing.