M 03 "The Ghost and The Darkness"

1898: a year of dreadful legends. Two lions named "Ghost" and "Darkness" spread terror throughout the Tsavo region in present-day Kenya. John Henry Petterson, a passionate big game hunter, hunts them down. 1898 also marks the year when the Mauser brothers developed the legendary M 98 bolt action rifle. Capturing the story of the two lions for eternity, this pair of Mauser M 03 rifles celebrates both the historic year and the immortality of the Mauser rifle technology.

Both rifles are outstanding masterpieces of the Mauser Meisterklasse. Just like the hunting techniques of the two man-eaters they have a lot in common: the intricate golden inlays, the gold nitrated cocking lever, bolt head and trigger as well as the shiny golden African sun. One of the paws of each of these scary predators can be found on the bolt handle. The metal parts of the rifles are engraved with thorns, inspired by the African bushland. The high quality grade 9 wood stocks feature a red recoil cap, the fore-ends have a black ebony tip. Within the outlines of present-day Kenya and Tsavo the roaming areas of the two lions are immortalised on the pistol grip caps. 

Although the two big game rifles are similar, each of them is still a work of art in itself and stands as a symbol for its name: "The Ghost" appears truly ghost-like with its extremely light, fine-grained stock. All the metal parts have an extremely light nitrate finish. "The Darkness" has a very dark, high quality grained stock while the metal parts are finished in deep burnished black. The two Mauser M 03s are available as "sister rifles."


  • 3-dimensional engraved lion heads
  • Playful golden inlays, plus gold nitrated cocking lever, bolt head and trigger
  • Bolt handle with lion paw
  • Metal parts engraved with thorns, inspired by the African bushland
  • High quality grade 9 rootwood with a red stock cap and exclusive black ebony fore end tip
  • Detailed outlines of present-day Kenya and Tsavo on the pistol grip caps
  • "The Ghost" with extremely light stock and metal parts with light nitrate finish
  • "The Darkness" with a very dark stock and metal parts with a deep burnished black finish

Every single Meisterklasse rifle comes with a certificate of origin bearing testimony of its high value and exclusivity.

Making Dreams Come True

Every single rifle is designed and crafted by the masters hand according to the purchasers demands. Only the best engravers are selected to bring the rifle's steel to life. Their skill and artistic touch enhances the unique radiance of the precious walnut stock.

This high-class rifle could be delivered in a noble leather case which is ornamented with fine gold embossing.