M 98 Models From The Master's Hand

When an immortal hunting rifle system like the M 98 is refined with exquisite engravings it turns into an invaluable piece of culture that is unique worldwide. Mauser rifles of the distinguished Meisterklasse line (Master Class) showcase each owner’s hunting experiences and dreams. Every single rifle is designed and handcrafted by masters according to each purchaser’s demands.

  • M 98 Magnum "Big Five"


    Lion, Cape Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant and Leopard – the "Big Five" are the classic theme of this genuine big game rifle. Subtle Acanthus and Leaf Arabesque ornaments decorate the action including double square bridge and bolt handle.

  • M 98 "Big Five Europe "


    Our master engravers gave this M 98 a truly European feel. Showing portraits of typical European game it embodies the fascination of hunting in European territories. The excellent arrangement of ornaments including Oak Leaf, Ferns and Thistles is spread generously across the entire action, trigger guard, bolt handle and pistol grip cap.

  • M 98 Magnum "Black Widow"


    Inspired by the dangerous yet mysterious beauty of the Black Widow Spider. The unusual appearance of the spider is characterized by its pitch-black body and yellowish marks. Subtle gold inlays are worked into the deep black metal parts.

  • M 98 Magnum "East Africa"


    It embodies the mystery of the black continent. Splendid gold inlays on action, barrel, magazine floor plate, trigger guard and grip cap form an elegant contrast to the black surfaces, which are polished to a high gloss shine. The artwork has a slightly oriental east African feel to it.

  • M 98 Magnum "Elephant"


    Mauser once again created a true masterpiece, proving that the legend of the M 98 Magnum is very much alive. The M 98 Magnum "Elephant" is the result of a collaboration of master engravers. The rifle captures the beauty of this mighty and magnificent elephant and the fascination of Africa.

  • M 98 Magnum "Grand Big Five"


    On this variation of the Big Five, Africa's most wanted are spread over the entire rifle. The masterly engraved game scenes are framed by English scroll and arabesques.

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