Legends for Generations

The Mauser brand has stood as a symbol for the real, successful hunting experience for over 140 years. All hunting rifles made by Mauser are based on traditional, down-to-earth values, combined with the most modern of rifle technology. Reliable, state-of-the-art firearm technology, solid one-piece steel structures, the Mauser double square bridge and exceptional inventive talent are what fascinates hunters all over the world.


  • Details

    The M 12 blends highest functionality with modern Mauser design: Solid steel construction featuring the distinctive wide Mauser loading breach, extremely smooth bolt movement and classic, straight stock shape with "Prince of Wales" pistol grip. A crisp, direct trigger and 3-position safety SRS for highest safety demands along with target-driven design and perfect balance are what make this rifle an international success.



    • Full steel construction with wide loading breach
    • light and easy to handle
    • Extremely smooth bolt movement
    • Classic, straight stock shape with "Prince of Wales" pistol grip
    • Short 60° bolt lift and anti-slip bolt handle 
    • 3-position safety SRS
    • Excellent direct trigger with approx. 950 g (2 lbs) trigger pull 
    • Detachable zigzag magazine



    Congratulation and Waidmannsheil to the winner of the PASSION magazin contest! Tom Haas won a brand new Mauser M 12 in caliber 6,5x55 and picked it up when visiting our company in Isny.

  • Details

    The Mauser M 03 fulfills the dream of an individually tailored bolt action rifle. It is available in a great variety of different models and countless variations. Due to the modular system this rifle meets all demands. The solid steel action and high-quality trigger combined with the straight stock and cold hammer forged barrel result in exceptional precision and performance.



    • Large stock selection: up to ten wood grades and three synthetic stocks (Extreme, Trail, PH)
    • Take Down Principle: can be taken down quickly and easily 
    • Interchangeable barrels
    • Quick changing of the caliber group  
    • Short Barrels: 56 cm, 52 cm and 47 cm (22/20/18") for Standard calibers as well as 60 cm (23") and 56 cm (PH 22") for Magnum calibers
    • Mauser Manual Cocking Safety System
    • Reliable bolt lock 
    • Advanced magazine construction
    • Optional: easy to handle rifle scope mount or left-hand models with true left-hand action, reversed manual cocking system and left-hand stock



    Combi Trigger
    With adjustable set trigger, approx. 1,000 g  (2⅛ lbs) direct; set trigger pull weight approx. 100-300 g (3½-10½ ozs).
    Not available in the US!
    Titanium nitrided trigger also available.

  • M 98 - The Timeless Original


    The M 98 is a true classic among bolt action rifles. To this day, Mauser has manufactured approximately 100 million M 98 rifles. The action is machined out of high-grade steel. The large magazine capacity and the reliable 3-position wing safety make the M 98 a highly qualified companion not only for todays but also for future generations of hunters.



    • 3-position safety 
    • Single stage trigger with outstanding trigger characteristics 
    • Action machined out of a premium steel mono-bloc
    • Express sight with big rear sight and brass bead front sight
    M 98
    M 98 Magnum

    Mauser Horizontal
    3-Position Safety

    With locking lever, also available with S and F on safety catch inlaid in gold.

    The Myth of the Big Game Hunt
    The M 98 Magnum is one of the most popular big game rifles. For hunters who are fond of Africa the Mauser M 98 is the incarnation of the big game hunt in its original form.