Success Creates Trust

Every hunter appreciates "his Mauser" as his reliable tool. Every single Mauser rifle is a master piece of craftsmanship. The Mauser brand has always stood as a symbol for the real, successful hunting experience. It incorporates the key factors of trust: expertise, authenticity and functionality.

Legends of Rifle Manufacturing          

Real Hunting                        

Uncompromising Functionality          


Hunting rifles made by Mauser have connected hunters all around the world for many generations. The brands core is expertise. It keeps growing from a strong commitment to excellence and is deeply rooted in the German tradition of rifle technology.

You can rely on your Mauser in each and every hunting situation. Controlling the rifle comes easy due to its thought-out functions. Hunters value their Mauser for making them experience the real essence of hunting. A feeling that has fascinated keen hunters for generations.

A maximum in functionality and safety leading straight to a precise shot and successful hunt: This is what we call the "Mauser moment". Supported by highly intelligent, uncompromising rifle technology, you can trust the function of your Mauser rifle without exception, in every second – especially in the moment you have been waiting for.

A New Twist to an Old Tale

"In this technological day and age, development is advancing at an increasingly rapid pace. Who is still interested in the ingenious ideas of our forefathers?

To us at Mauser, the values that were created around 140 years ago are pure inspiration. Mauser was one of the first manufacturers to combine highest-quality materials and workmanship with a brilliantly designed, absolutely fail-safe rifle system. Spurred on by enthusiastic hunters, the Mauser rifle technology has been brought to new maturity time and time again. We regard this history as a mission and share with our customers the fascination for a living legend."