The Original


Mauser 98

Born from genius, forged by gigantic hammers, built for eternity. The story that started in 1898 is stronger than ever. MAUSER remains true to its genesis and continues to make the most reliable firearms in the world. The time has come for the original to be manufactured at home: at MAUSER.

As with no other rifle in our history, the Model 98 action defines the core value of the MAUSER brand. This encourages our mission to build guns that never disappoint their owners. The entirely new MAUSER 98 line is not only a unique combination of technology and craftsmanship, but a true commitment to our roots as the birth-place of the world’s most reliable rifles.



After a comprehensive study of the original drawings and with developments of 21st century gunmaking techniques, we knew there could only be one outcome: the best. From the start it was only about optimization rather than improvement of the best bolt-action rifle ever designed. The best materials, the unbeatable precision of high-end modern manufacturing, state-of-the-art surface technology, masterful assembly and the final touches by our expert gunsmiths – this is what sets the rifle apart.

After two years of hard, intense yet enjoyable work, the new MAUSER 98 Standard represents a milestone in custom rifle making. The receiver is milled and drilled from a single massive forged block of specially formulated steel; the barrel is cold-hammer forged; the trigger is optimized and has outstanding characteristics; the steel surfaces have been plasma-nitrided; there are front sling- swivel studs as well as iron sights mounted with barrel rings and to top it all off, there is a three-position horizontal style safety with ultra-smooth function. Every rifle is handcrafted and fitted to perfection. How cycling the bolt feels proves we have achieved our goal. We have successfully and rightfully brought this legend back into production.



The benchmark for custom hunting rifles. Every detail is 100 % MAUSER and thanks to the grade 7 wood, this is the cream of the crop.



A tasteful entry into the world of the Model 98, with a perfected classic design. Every rifle is a unique piece of craftsmanship.



Africa’s legendary big-game hunters knew what to trust: the mighty double or, with its larger capacity, the magazine-fed indestructible and reliable Magnum MAUSER action. Staying true to this tradition, the new Model 98 Magnum shows there is no challenge too great for this rifle. Based on a double square bridge action milled from a solid block of steel, this big-game classic is delivered to the same demanding specification as the MAUSER 98 Standard. Two massive recoil bars and a slightly longer stock are incorporated to deal with the three calibers on offer: .375 H&H Magnum, .416 Rigby or .450 Rigby.

A big-game hunter can rest assured that with the Model 98 Magnum in his hand, he will have the uncompromising firepower of five (.375) or four (.416 or .450) cartridges in the magazine to tackle the jobs a double rifle cannot achieve.

Thanks to the legendary long extractor, the controlled feed and the fantastic bolt cycle, this power is delivered with speed and absolute reliability when your life may truly depend upon it. Not only will a MAUSER 98 Magnum hunter enjoy the final pull of the trigger with this unreserved classic but the journey to get there, will also become a part of the story. Who would not want to carry one of these hefty brutes in the African bush?

When the top of the food chain needs to be decided, this rifle is your ultimate partner.


125 years ago the 'German Matallpatronenfabrik AG', together with Ludwig Loewe and MAUSER founded the 'Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken' (German Arms and Ammunition Factories, DWM) in Berlin. 

In the following decades the DWM brand developed to an institution for hunters all over the world.

Connoisseurs still appreciate the legendary hunting cartridges and the 98 systems of the series DWM 1908 and DWM 1909, and now MAUSER is reviving the old connection and awakens the legend DWM to life.

A grade 9 stock with high gloss finish as well as the extravagant design of light and dark steel makes the new MAUSER 98 DWM a noble eye-catcher, which combines all the values of the proven and indestructible 98 system united in unmistakable character.


With every Mauser, you own a rifle that impresses with its reliability, quality and safety. It is quite clear that these requirements also apply to Mauser accessories. Rifle slings, spare magazines and much more can be found here: